JEI Learning Method

We employ many of the same techniques and principals of the JEI Learning Method which tailors educational programs, dependent on a student’s ability, with a focus on maximizing potential to improve individual academic achievement. Not all students are alike. We help find a comfortable starting point for each student, and encourage learners to study at an individual pace while promoting learning within the individual’s concentration span. Techniques incorporated insure previously learned concepts are reinforced and easily remembered before moving on to a new area of difficulty.

The JEI program – Math, Word Problem, Reading and Writing is a self-learning program that focuses on cultivating a student’s individual potential while maximizing their confidence. After a weekly one-hour tutorial in class, students take home a worksheet booklet. In class, the teaching is two-sided. After instructors give an introduction to basic concepts, students are encouraged to apply these new skills to problems and engage in an interactive learning process.

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