K-12 Tutoring

Premier Academy offers courses to try to fill our student’s needs, either to catch up, get ahead, or develop better study skills. We begin with a diagnostic test with the guidance of our tutors to assess student’s needs and determine strengths and weaknesses by subject. We then develop a plan for improvement.



  • Courses in writing and critical reading
  • Instruction in multiple choice comprehension
  • Reviewing grammar and sentence structure with emphasis on essay writing


  • Courses in Pre-Algebra, Algebra I & II, Geometry, Pre-Calculus, AP-Calculus AB/BC/BC+
  • Helping students attain honor roll status as well as a strong foundation in math.


  • Courses in Biology, Chemistry and Physics
  • Explaining concepts in a step by step manner that leads to better understanding
  • Increasing student interest to make the subject easier to grasp


  • Courses in basic Social Studies to AP US History, AP World History and AP European History
  • Teaching easy mnemonics to remember important names, dates and events


  • Listening & Comprehension
  • Note taking & organizational skills
  • Time management & test taking strategies
  • Organize the material and notebook for an effective study
  • Set realistic goals and deadlines
  • Keep track of their own achievements

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