Please read what some of our satisfied parents and students have said about us:

  • Vincent V., Student

    Premier Academy not only helped me improve my SAT scores dramatically but expanded my vocabulary, strengthened my math skills, and clarified my writing. Although it boosted my standardized test scores by 500 points from sophomore to senior year, the curriculum of Premier Academy has ultimately made me a better student.

  • Emilia T., Student

    I went to Premier Academy for about a year, and I can truly say that both my parents and I were very pleased with the services offered there. I mainly took private tutoring lessons in preparation for SAT Math with one of the teachers at Premier Academy. Every class was structured and organized, with time devoted to reviewing homework problems and then solving new problems in class. My teacher was always prepared – he found questions that had appeared on old SAT tests and even acquired some exclusive problems only offered to teachers. He reviewed every concept on the SAT Math portion step-by-step, giving me practice problems in every area. He also identified and focused on my weaknesses and gave me practice problems in the areas I was having trouble with. As a result of both of our efforts, I was able to raise my score by about 150 points. I would definitely recommend Premier Academy to anyone seeking help in SAT preparation.

  • Kevin W., Student

    During the summer between my sophomore and junior year of high school I took a summer SAT course at Premier Academy in Wayne NJ. Through this summer course, I significantly boosted my SAT test-taking skills. While enrolled at Premier Academy, I had two morning classes, one dedicated towards teaching strategies to be used in the math sections and one dedicated towards teaching strategies to be used in the verbal and writing sections. Mastering these strategies is crucial to acing the SAT, and even more importantly, as counterintuitive as this may sound, most of these skills do not even relate to how good you are at writing, critical reading, or math. You don’t learn these skills at school. The courses familiarize the student to what questions the test will ask and how to approach these questions. By the time I had taken my SAT, I had completely mastered the vocabulary section of the SAT even though I would not recognize all of the words in the section. Through various test-taking strategies and utilizing whatever vocabulary you do possess, it is possible to be 95% sure of your answer to the difficult vocabulary questions without actually knowing what a quatrefoil is. Of course, there are strategies for every section and every type of question on the SAT, not just vocabulary. Premier Academy is there to identify which type of questions the student is struggling with, and then teaching that student the necessary strategies to approach that question.

  • N. L., Student

    My first PSAT, I scored around 170. But I spent a summer at Premier Academy and a year later, my PSAT score was 231, a score that made me a National Merit Scholarship Finalist. For four weeks, I forced myself to SAT class. Each day consisted of four hours of classes, a lunch break, and then a four hour practice test. The days were intense, but, looking back now, extremely worth it. I liked how the teachers taught more than just grammar rules and basic algebra. They taught me how to take the test - all the tips, techniques, and tricks to take the test quickly and answer questions efficiently. Going over the practice tests in class the next day helped a lot. It gave me an idea of what my strengths and weaknesses were, and how to improve. Practice makes perfect and that is definitely true for the mastering the SAT. Taking a practice test daily seems tedious, but by the end I became so familiar with SAT that there was no stress on testing day. The thing with the SAT is that is more a test of endurance than anything else. Four hours is a long time, but taking practices tests helped me improve my pacing, understand how quickly I needed to read the passages, and learn how much time to take on math problems. Overtime, I learned the best way for me to take the test. By myself, I would not have been motivated to take as many practice tests as I did at Premier Academy, so I do not regret that summer. Unlike other SAT classes, the schedule at Premier Academy is really flexible. Mrs. Han helped me schedule my classes so that I was still able to go on vacation that summer. There were also Saturday SAT classes during the school year. I was able to take two classes right before the Saturday of my SAT and those really helped refresh my memory. It sounds crazy but I actually ended up anticipating the SAT; it’s not as daunting after taking so many practice tests. Even for a math/science person like me, because of the SAT class, I was able to get a perfect score on Critical Reading and an overall score of 2230. The score was good enough to get me into Penn, so going to Premier Academy was probably one of the best decisions I have ever made.

  • Margaret, Student

    I have participated in the SAT classes over the summer for freshmen year and sophomore year and it is extremely helpful and fun! While most people might think that being stuck in an SAT class must be dreadful and boring, you get to meet lots of other people and the teachers there are knowledgeable in their subjects and try to make it entertaining as well. Also, the location of the center makes it nice during break times to grab donuts or coffee and to hang out with friends. While there, I have improved my score dramatically as well. It is a five star program and if you want to have fun, get your moneys worth, and see an improvement in your score, definitely attend!

  • Joe H., Student

    Premier Academy is a stupendous program that brings the best out of students who are willing to learn and grow. Mrs. Han reaches out to every participant at the learning facility and diligently works with them to achieve high aspirations and expand their academic capabilities. She truly cares for her students and pushes them to do the best they possibly can. Because of the Premier Academy classes, I was able to improve my SAT reading score by 200 points, my SAT writing score by 250 points and my SAT math score by 150 points. Also, the SAT subject test sessions are beneficial because they hone in on the specific questions and skills that pertain to a certain subject. Not only does Premier Academy help with academic and standardized test skills, but it also helps with time management, concentration, and willingness. Premier Academy is a great learning center with a challenging and effective system led by a compassionate leader, Mrs. Han.